The Gypo Express

6 Nov


You know you are set up for the day when the train is late and then you have some scabby Romanian gypsies get on to your train, on their way into London to go begging all day and then they will earn more money than you do. Yes, the train was apparently delayed on a previous journey but judging by the “fast” train that passes through Plumstead between the 7.31 and the 7.41, they were all apparently delayed on a previous journey. The gypos are gobbing off a few seats away together, no doubt making plans on how to pick pocket and beg successfully for another day. Fucking nasty, stinking scum. The train is unsurprisingly very busy already and that will be because of the delay. It is a lot more chilly this morning and there was frost on windscreens of cars down my road, but I am still without a coat as it’s not that bad. I have made the mistake of sitting next to a persistent sniffer who is also fidgeting in her seat as though she has thrush. Writhing about in a bid to get comfy and obviously forgetting that this is not her sofa at home, it is a train in public. Fucking hell those gypos use a lot of spit in order to speak – I might retrieve my mac from my bag so I am not covered by the time it comes to getting off at London Bridge. It is disgusting that they are even allowed to travel with us but this is Southeastern and not my own private chauffeur driven car. Fidgety sniffer seems to have lost her mojo and is sitting still now. I’m going to post as we are about to pick up from Charlton and it’s going to get worse from here on it. Posting.


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