Shut The Fuck Up

5 Nov


It has been noise that has driven me to the brink of murder today. Noise from the building site opposite work, noise from a car alarm by work, noise from people on the train, noise from the building site – today I would happily have been struck down with temporary deafness and enjoyed every second. The train was announced just as I got to the station and as it was just pulling in, and wankers were actually running to get on to it, despite there being a full 14 minutes before it was due to leave. This meant that the two wankers above were able to get on before me and into my first and second choice of seat and this has made me even more hungry for blood this evening. As I type that things are looking up slightly as a fitty has sat down next to me. Things are looking up – if only he was a knight in shining armour on a white horse and today would have completely turned around. I don’t think that’s going to happen as he isn’t chinkling and there is no muffled neighing from the horse. Below is the broken board at Cannon Street that has been broken since Monday. I tweeted them this evening to tell them to sort that shit out. No reply yet but then I’m not surprised. They are fuckwits. I’m going to post simply because I can’t be arsed now. I must stare out of the window of the wrong side of the train now until I reach the pikey central that is Plumstead – ugh I really hate humans. Of course, the Obborati are a species above human so you are loved.



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