Good Call

4 Nov




They arrived in that order and fuck me I’m glad to have avoided that mêlée this morning. Instead, it is 9.30am and I am just departing Woolwich Arsenal on the DLR after popping to get a prescription. Saviour from above knew there would be train fuckage and instead reminded me to go and pick up the flappy green piece of scribbled on paper from Dr Bitchlips and miss that hell. I was so fucked off yesterday morning as it was that I was dreading it today but instead here I am, with a seat and on the move. It makes me want to do flexitime instead and come in late and finish late some days. Setting up the router last night was a piece of piss – password reset and away we go. The connection is good too – most pleased with my geeky skills. This journey would be much nicer if I had sunglasses and if the moron to my left wasn’t slurping Red Bull as if it was his life’s blood. My mistake, it is Relentless instead – choice of hipsters. Ugh time to post.


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