Swit Swoo

30 Oct


Today is London Poppy Day where we are inundated with men in uniform selling the poppies. I didn’t spend my money on one – I have donated more than enough this year via the Invictus Games – and we also saw the above musical offering outside Cannon Street. Sadly it wasn’t windy and so we didn’t get a glimpse of what lies beneath but we can imagine. It’s not even cold today so it would have certainly made me grin. The 18.46 wasn’t MIA today and arrived on time and we are about to leave on time as well. While waiting on the train I spotted the fuckwit below – now tell me, why on earth is he wearing that? If you are that skinny then surely you must know that it looks awful. That’s more dramatic than a girl with anorexia. In fact, seeing him reminded me of the picture I saw today (at the bottom) in the paper where Topshop had a mannequin with legs like that bloke and there was uproar – well, that is how the Mail described it anyway – but then why do they even make jeans that skinny for men? I can only assume he doesn’t want children. Time to post as I need to stare out the window and imagine getting home. Friday tomorrow, Obborati – almost there.




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