28 Oct


I am on the bus to Woolwich because there was earlier train fuckage and I can’t be arsed with it and so I will get the DLR. Even though it is half term the bus is rammed with complete fuckwits – all standing by the door when there are seats further back, sitting on the outside seat to make sure they are in my way when I get on and off and the woman next to me stinks. Just passed Plumstead station and saw Posh Pikey mincing down Griffin Road to ensure he makes the train. I was quite far away but I could still see that he was dressed like a dog’s dinner. Fuck me, going to Woolwich was worth it – look at the fruitloop above. Yes, that’s a topless man and it is November in a matter of days and he is sitting there in the chilly morning air for some reason. It was so worth getting to the station late and now having to stand for although I do wish someone would stand up as I don’t like standing on the DLR and soon I will be in the way as I’m right by the doors. I am being blinded by the morning sunshine now as my sunglasses were relegated from my bag a while ago. Why is it still so bright? I am a fuckwit too for standing here and facing it. Off to Leicester Square this evening for an evening of cinematic excitement so I won’t be blogging – just as you get me back I cut you off again. Going to post as I don’t think I can do this standing lark and as if my magic I now have the below in front of me… Drop the fucker mate, we are not at your desk and there is no lap in sight.



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