SO Brave

17 Oct

This morning I have a rare gripe about a driver but he was driving a Mercedes so that speaks volumes. First he took his fucking time turning into a street and then when he came past me again (very slowly round the one way system at the bottom of Griffin Road)  he then pulled out,  on to the Highstreet and then just drove at me as I was crossing the road by the station. No signal, I shouted and I was of course in the wrong and got the finger – what a pleasant fuckwit, hey? Needless to say he got one back and I ran along behind him doing the same.  He soon came to his destination which he could have surely walked to but he is too important to walk because he has a Mercedes don’t you know, and just pulled in again without a signal. The hilarious thing is that I think he was a taxi driver because he had that sticker in his rear window. Fucking prick whatever he is – they always love to try and abuse you for pointing out that they are in the wrong. I am so ready for a week off work, so it’s a bloody good job that I have one next week. I would ask the Duchess to do a guest post for me, but she is on maternity leave although something about that might be a nice change. I may ask the King of Kissingdom to do one and see where that goes – he is on a holiday comedown so he will be in a perfect mood for moaning. I shall see what I can find. Posting now, so can’t be arsed.


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