Cyclists Saved

10 Oct

I have had about six that have completely fucked me off during this walk this evening and they are all very lucky and have been spared because of the tiredness that I am experiencing right now. It wasn’t too bad this morning when I was busy but because it got a bit quieter this afternoon it really caught up with me. I have spared their ears because of this. One or two got told they were fucking wankers but the rest who were far worse just got huffed at. You know I am tired when I am not on the verge of smacking one of the fuckers. The two that got told were coming at me as I was crossing the road and they were going through the red light. This was at two different crossings by the way, because they love to test me. Christ I’m rambling now. I’m going to post and listen to Pharrell to drown out the silence of fuckery on a Friday night train home.


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