7 Oct


I’m not talking about my day, I am talking about the hits – 9 so far today? It’s too quiet and I don’t like it. Barely reached 30 for weeks and I need to know what’s going on. Maybe this is the plateau and I have reached the end because every day is like groundhog day. Nothing too exciting has happened for as long as I can remember and it does make me sad to know that I can’t deliver what you need for your journey. I will persevere though and try to give you what you want and need. A picture above that I just took and we have a whole new sub-division of luggage and that is the one on the floor and fuck knows what I will call that – MIB maybe? Marginally important bag? Her faux Armani one in the VIB position is fucking ugly and deserves to be on the floor rather than the old faithful rucksack. I can understand how you are bored and I’m losing hits and that’s because this is fucking boring. I can’t even lift myself to raise a smile these days because it’s all the same old shit and people are fuckwits. Maybe tomorrow will bring hilarity and enjoyment to ensure a huge number of hits. Reality I imagine will be somewhat different.


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