Missed Bus

6 Oct


I’m glad I saw the 422 drive away and that there were no buses behind it because it forced me to stand walk. This is good not only for exercise but also because the Blackwall Tunnel is (or was earlier on) closed and I passed the 422 twice before I got to the station as it got held up in traffic heading for the Woolwich ferry. I was going to go to Woolwich to get the DLR but I’m glad it didn’t work out and that I am now on my way and not sitting on the bus somewhere between Plumstead and Woolwich seething and surrounded by fuckwitted children. Instead I am on the train, not really seething but still surrounded by fuckwits but more adults and less children. Posh Pikey arrived with moments to spare as always but he made a bit show of saying hello to the man he sometimes shares smalltalk with but that was all that happened again – he came, tapped him on the shoulder and did a firm handshake and then ignored him again. Why bother even saying hello when it’s all fake? I spent my evening with the Baroness of Balham on Friday which is why there wasn’t an update. We had a civilised dinner and discussed her recent trip to Palestine and some very dramatic stories of what she witnessed. Something was going on with a train at Charing Cross though as it stood on platform four. I took the pictures you see this morning to illustrate that something was going on. The whole front section of the train was cordoned off and Transport Police were hovering along with station staff. Can’t have been that bad mind if we were allowed to get on at platform three for a train. Plus it wasn’t police tape that sectioned it off, it was just red and white. Time to post as there are a couple of suitcase wankers who have just boarded and have inserted my shoulder into their ass so I have no room. Until this evening, my dear Obborati.



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