Raised A Laugh

2 Oct


Just caught this fucker as I started blogging so he can go at the top. Riding along as far into the station as is humanly possible and then he will be stopped by the stairs – and I don’t know why they don’t just ride into the lift and keep on peddling when they come out, all the way on to the train and beyond right to the front of the train, out of the door at the front and onto the tracks where they’ll be killed. Now that is a delay I won’t give a shit about and I will indeed welcome it. One day, hey? Woman just walked past me on get phone “yeah I’m at Moorgate now” as she is at Cannon Street – what a fuckwit because I genuinely think she was at Moorgate. Anyway, raising a laugh and this happened outside of Deutsch Bank and I soon chance upon (it’s a racing certainty along this walk) a twat on his precious mobile deep in conversation and just as I draw up behind him he stops dead and about turns and right into me. Obviously he is hurled abuse “why can’t you put your fucking phone down for a fucking second and pay attention to life, you fuckwit” and as always when they are in deep conversation they don’t even register but a man across the road did and raised a titter as he had watched it all unfold. I turned to give him a knowing shoulder shrug and was soon on my way. When they titter they get the shrug – it’s the acknowledgement that they also have a brain and observe. Be thankful you got that – it is a badge of honor. Just got the email below. What the fuck? This emergency engineering work has been on since Monday night and it’s on the fucking Lewisham line so why is it fucking up every line ever including the East Coast Mainline, the Trans-siberian line and the fucking great wall of China line? Give me strength. Time to post.



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