I Should Be So Lucky

30 Sep

Kylie hasn’t brought me good luck this morning for this commute and the 7.06 and the 7.31 were cancelled. I have just had to fight with the morons who usually get the 7.31 and also Posh Pikey who minced down the steps with seconds to spare as always. The gobby foreign school kid was at the station but her phone wasn’t clamped to her ear this morning which shocked me. Must have run out of minutes for the month already. The train is a little busier than usual but there were enough seats to house everyone getting on at Plumstead but you would have thought it was the last train out of London Bridge on q Friday night the way some people clamoured to get on. Woman who came out of nowhere and tried to push past everyone already waiting and then to get on to the train before people had even finished getting off – no, love, it’s not a fucking race. As always the words fall on deaf and guilty ears. I am a bit tired today as I didn’t manage to drop off until almost one, but I have an early night to look forward to. I’m going to post now as we are going to fill up fast on this train, and I want my ipod as Posh Pikey is sitting on the opposite side of the aisle playing his gay anthems and I don’t want to hear that this morning. Until this evening.


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