Quiet Buses

23 Sep

Just as I sit down on the train to say how quiet the buses were, there is a gobby fucking kid on the train talking very loudly. The buses were empty and I don’t know why. I got on the 422 which was behind the 96 and neither were thronging with school children and there were even seats if I was travelling further than two stops. It wasn’t quiet in my bathroom this morning though because as I went in to perform my morning routine, singing could be heard. Yes, the people upstairs have a bathroom that is downstairs and the man who lives there that the landlord knows nothing of even though I have told her, was having a shower and singing loudly. This is the first time I have ever heard this when I am in my bathroom which is in the adjacent room. Not only was he wailing at the top of his voice but because the shower was running in their house, it meant the water pressure in mine was akin to the urine stream coming from a man with a very swollen prostate gland and it took forever to rinse out the soap. Thankfully I got there in the end and managed to get the normal train time. The four women who get on at Woolwich Dockyard have just darkened my door and will now cackle and shout because they are chavvy bitches who wouldn’t look out of place on Jeremy Kyle. One of the regular couples are on today and they don’t usually merit a mention because they aren’t too annoying but today she is. They are with someone else they know who asked the female how their job is going – fatal mistake. This is a standard small talk question and they just want a short sentence at the most as a response with something positive and very to the point. Dopey doesn’t realise this and has been waffling on for ages with very in depth words of unhappiness and it forced me to get the music on. Ugh. Now three school boys have got on a Westcombe Park and are taking up lots of room with their massive backpacks. All with scruffy, greasy hair and they are discussing something geeky that thankfully I don’t know but I can tell by the animated conversation that it is something really bad. Time to post. About to pick up the miseries at Maze Hill and we are about to become over subscribed for seats. Lovely.


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