Just Drown

19 Sep


I am on the 422 and on my way into Woolwich as there is much train fuckage this morning. I am squashed in next to a fat woman who is so overcome with the love of the holy lawd thay she must sing it and in my fucking ear. I have had to put my earphones on and already turned them up to drown out the song of the lawd – shut the fuck up, woman. Opposite her is a school kid who looks like she is trying to do her homework on the bus and she is dropping all the paper on the floor – just do it at home; it is not called Bus Work it is homework. Fuckwit. Thank Christ – the jesus woman is getting off. Getting off at Plumstead station and the is no point at all because there is just mess. The 7.51 is cancelled and the 7.31 was “delayed” and the pictures are attached for your viewing pleasure. I can’t be arsed today because it’s Friday and I’m tired. I really would change to get the DLR every day but it is that bus into Woolwich that takes the shine off it. The school kids are complete morons and all the people who get in just love to stand in the first third of the bus and they walk no further. I don’t get it and there are a choice of six buses that go to Woolwich but they all seem to want to bundle on to one. Now onto the bottom pics that I took last night when I popped into the shop to get some provisions. He came in the shop after me and from the corner of my eye I thought his hair was wet. I carried on shopping, thought nothing of it and then as I came to pay he was there in front of me. That’s when I saw it and what a fucking idiot he looked. Not only was it wet but it was black – I can only conclude that it was hair dye but then again he might have just tried to colour it in to cover up the grey bits which were prevalent in his stubble. It was the hair coverage combined with the full tracksuit over a wobbly physique and then he bought a large bottle of Jack Daniels and some bread rolls I think. I couldn’t resist but to take pictures because he just looked such a chump. I wouldn’t step out of my house like that even in the night to go to the 24 hour garage – there is no need. I am busy this evening and partaking on another Jack The Ripper walk with my ladies of Leto – so I doubt there will be a post this evening. It’s time to post – we can sleep well tonight knowing we don’t have a messy divorce from Scotland to go through.





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