Three VIB Wankers

17 Sep


Christ almighty the epidemic is spreading and on this 7.41 today I have three of the moronic “people” in my general vicinity. The woman in front who gets off at Woolwich Dockyard is a given as she is a selfish birch. Opposite is a man virtually sitting in the middle of his two seats and his paper is spread out over his gaping ball airing legs as his bag is on the window seat and behind him is a woman doing exactly the same and her legs aren’t quite as agape but they aren’t closed either. Now she is on the phone and she has put the paper down on the window seat. I haven’t seen either of those two on the other side of the aisle before and they have clearly never got a commuter train before or they would know that seats are for asses and not fucking bags. Just managed to get a picture of the male of the VIB wankers, and what a catch he is – look at his gut hanging over his trousers and he works in Ladbrooks. Classy. He is now above for your viewing pleasure. There were about four or five people at the station with suitcases as well today – is there a holiday day that I don’t know about? I don’t get it – it’s a Wednesday not a Friday or a Monday. Wednesday is a weird day for luggage on that scale. The fat Ladbrooks fuck still hasn’t budged but he has looked around a few times when people have passed him. Maybe he is actually stuck to the seat – he doesn’t look particularly clean – and he can’t move to let people in or even lift his fat trotter to move his bag. Just had a wonderful email about the 7.21 and as you can see, it arrived and gave me loads of time to plan. The fat fuck just got up, let everyone from Westcombe Park walk past him to walk past him before he gathered up his crap to get off at Maze Hill. Why? There aren’t many seats, you were taking up two, and let them all huff and puff to find somewhere. Saying that, they do have a mouth to tell him to move. Their loss. Time to post.



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