17 Sep

There is a much higher number of fuckwits and morons about today, and way more than usual. Is there some sort of glitch? Or maybe some sort of Fuckwit Solstice? Cyclists along the pavement and when I say it isn’t a road he turned around but then just stared, open mouthed and moronic looking. No response, just the vacant stare as he continued to cycle along the pavement thronging with people on their way to Liverpool Street station to get back to Essex. Then a cyclist on one of those naff fold up bikes, who came along London Wall and then stuck his arm out to signal as he came through traffic lights. Great you say, he signalled instead of thinking that pedestrians could read his mind. Nope – he signalled to turn the wrong way down a closed one way street and didn’t stop peddling until he reached where the road was dug up for Crossrail. What a fucking moron? Then the amblers were out in force. The single amblers are normal but the groups are not that common, and are more usually found on a Friday. Today is Wednesday and I had two lots in different places. I had to ask both lots to move out of the way. All men, all ambling, all need to get a fucking shift on. Now I am on the 18.30 as I am going to Abbey Wood and there ar four more fuckwits. Four of them, sitting in each corner of a group of six seats, because they couldn’t possibly sit next to each other because that is so gay. They got on, all clones of each other – a mixture of Mark Wright and Joey Essex with that stupid fucking hairdo that has been done to death now – and at first when they started bellowing at each other, I thought they were foreign. Nope – they are speaking English in a very odd dialect. Fuck knows how they know what the other is saying, because I can’t make any of it out. Great – London Bridge has blessed me with a ball airer who has BO and his breath smells like he has been rimming a tramp all afternoon. Fucking hell I HATE these motherfucking trains and the absolute dregs of hell that frequent them. He is too close to me, and his arm is tucked behind mine. I want to get up and move but I shouldn’t have to, I was here first. Shut your legs, shut your mouth, flap your arms down, wash and use anti-perspirant and fuck off somewhere else, you dirty, scabby fuck. Time to post – I need to try and inch away even though I already know he will take all the inches I make between us. Vile bastard.


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