Misty Balls

16 Sep


He is here and waiting for me again this morning and the balls are airing despite there being no warmth or humidity and it is in fact pretty dull, grey and misty this morning. He must suffer with those balls in order for him to stand with his legs agape all year round to let the air get at them. The train just pulled in and he still doesn’t know to watch out for the orange lights to come on outside of the train to know that is when you press the button to open the door. He stands jabbing at the button, over and over and then the light comes on and I open the door and stroll right past him. I had to move a fuckwit in order to sit by the window seat, as his hat was on that space – like I care about your fucking hat mate. Opposite is a real VIB wanker and he has a fucking load of luggage on the inside seat as he is sitting with his back to it and his legs all out in the aisle. He even has a suitcase taking up his own leg room which is why he is sitting like he is. I fucking loathe people who do that. Just put your bags somewhere else – this is a commuter train and we don’t want to have to wait while you rearrange your shit to sit down. Woman who sat down in front of him has put her fucking bags next to her as well as she spreads out to read the paper. When are they going to learn? It’s a fucking joke. Get on, find a seat, gather your bags and sit in ONE seat if you are lucky enough to find one. Save time, save space and save the possibility of being smacked in the face by someone who wants to park their ass where your fucking bags, suitcases or hat is. I have just spotted a woman a bit further along fanning herself. Now, I am a tad warm this morning from the brisk walk along the hightstreet to the station but it isn’t warm at all, not even humid. Is she attention seeing? It isn’t even a leaflet or the paper, it is a full on fan she us flapping about in front of her face. The suitcase wanker opposite keeps having to move his legs when people get on, so they can get past. Why the fuck doesn’t he just go and stand by the doors with those bags? He didn’t pay for two seats let alone one and he is insistent that he isn’t letting anyone sit down. I think the hat wanker next to me must be getting off before we hit central – he is one of these fuckwits who don’t think people can let him out fast enough if he wants to get off, so sits on the outside so he can get off quickly. People who do that are so stupid. Christ the bag man has now stood up and he didn’t even have that many bags anyway – one suitcase, one mincey backpack and then a huge All Saints carrier bag which looked empty anyway. I despair, I really do. Time to post as the man next to me has a nasal whistle and it’s doing my head in.


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