Write Off

12 Sep

Welcome to Friday and your usual fuckery for the journey home. Tonight’s fuckery is brought to you by a train failure and platforms one to four are out of use at Cannon Street. Please make your way to hell because that is as close to home as you are ever going to get. Fucking hell, why can’t it just be normal? Two days after Southeastern announce they have sucked enough cocks to ensure their franchise is renewed for another four years to provide the “service” and we have two major incidents of fuckery. Yesterday not really their fault but I will blame them anyway for letting such scum on their trains because they don’t bother turfing these people without tickets off enough. Jesus Christ why did they hey given another four years? Why couldn’t we merge with Southern? I am on the DLR but only after seeing what Cannon Street was going to be like. It was chaos and all the announcement boards said the train was arriving at 18.18 and as soon as the main clock flicked over to 18.19 so did the announcements for every train. What sort of a fucking mess is that? I have never seen it that busy on a Friday. I should have guessed as the pub opposite the station was busy but I just wanted to see if I could hop on to a stray Greenwich train – no fucking chance. Armed police last night and just fucked up shit tonight. Happy fucking Friday. Time to post. I can take no more.


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