Monday Magnifique

8 Sep

Well it is only Magnifique because there is no bragger but apart from that I’m ready to go home again. I had to move a VIB to sit down and she got off after one stop and she has been replaced by a giant schoolgirl which is pretty much mow sitting on my lap as she jabs at her Samsung massive phone. The heating is on on the train and I am sweating with the heat from the massive schoolgirl on one side and the heating belting out on the other. It is the first morning I have got the train since last Tuesday and a rude awakening as you do forget the fuckwits when you use an alternative mode of transport for a few days. Ball Airer was out though and shovelling food down his throat as he waited with his back to me. He appeared rather late today and I wasn’t as early as I had liked because I had to walk. The buses were fucked today – it said four minutes but judging by the huge amount of people that I could see from my stop all pooling at the next stop, it was safe to assume there was a backlog and that I would be forced to stand jammed in between fuckwits and I don’t have the strength for that on a Monday. It’s time to post. I need some distraction from the rib jabbing from the giant schoolgirl as it is annoying me now. Some angry music should do the trick.


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