5 Sep


It’s been a cracking Friday. I have been finally able to unleash my true feelings towards the bragger to her ex workmates and it has been going on all day long. It started at 8.30am and has continued all day, culminating in vodka redbull at 3.30am and then I emailed them the picture I took. I think they are still laughing profusely and it is clear that she was universally hated but that has come as no surprise. I am on the 18.46 now that has been marginally fucked and arrived late but the 18.30 left late as well. No announcement and then no apology so fuck knows what the latest excuse is. Surely they can’t still be blaming signal failure in Glasgow for the delays, can they? I love the wording above that is looking at me after being scrawled into the back of the seat in front. I think it is actually meant to say FEST but it does just look like test and indeed it is a fucking test every time I board one of these how awful Southeastern peasant wagons. I have a lovely Friday Fashion Faux Pas for you below… Jesus Christ they thought they were hot shit. Sadly wearing identical outfits that are just shit isn’t a good look. Those fucking nasty dog shit coloured shoes, the Billy bunter tight jeans in podgy legs with the saggy bit in the ass, the off white and once white poll shirt and then the hoody draped over their shoulders. I can guarantee that they live in Bexleyheath – not a doubt in mind. The home of the clones. Everyone dresses the same in that place and it is just groaning with chavs. Their girlfriends will be orange, with a Croydon facelift, a big old Scouse brow and lashes that look like the bristles on one of those giant roadsweeping machines. Vile people. Time to post. Enjoy the weekend, Obborati.



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