More Fuzz

29 Aug


No, I am not referring to another Bragger story – but she was giving everyone information that she was going to get her massive scabby vagina waxed last week – but instead it is yet more police in the morning getting in the way, and you will be pleased to know that I have an action show for you. Before I proceed I have to just share the latest announcement at the station and that is to expect busier trains next week because of the tall ships regatta – in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Just say Greenwich station you fools, because there is no need to bust the royal title for a train announcement. Anyway, back to the fuzz – that is if I can type with the woman next to me who is now sitting on my lap – and they had pulled over on the wrong side of the road outside the fire station and were talking to some young men who looked rough as fuck and we’re probably drunk and/or off their face on drugs. Fuck knows what they did to merit such a dramatic police swoop mind as they were not all there and at that time of morning it is hard to decifer between people like that and normal zombie commuters. Fucking slag on my lap is also on the phone and so the iPod is in and we hadn’t even gone one stop. Why do people think that the train is their own personal telephone booth? If you want to have a chat, fuck off elsewhere and do it because we don’t want to hear your shit. Why do they have to engage in such a long conversation at this hour of the day? The only conversation that needs to go on now is telling your boss that you aren’t coming to work or being the boss being told someone isn’t coming in. Give me strength, bitch, and shut your fucking yap. Slack jawed gum chewing Oompa Lumpa has boarded at Woolwich Dockyard and fuck me her tide mark is huge. Amazing that someone like that has applied her layers of orange before getting on the train but she seems to have run out of orange where he face meets her turkey neck. She thinks she looks amazing, and I can tell from the way she is chewing her gum. All attitude and self belief that shouldn’t be there when you already draw enough attention to yourself resembling a Ready Brek kid. For the first time ever on a morning commuter train, ticket inspectors were ON the train. They asked for tickets, I held out Fuck Trains And Buses awaiting for them to check it, but no he was too interested in trying to book a man who apparently hasn’t used his Oyster since 8th April… And funnily enough he had to get off at Charlton which was the next stop and so the inspectors also got off there. What a waste of time for me getting out my card and waggling it in the face of the phone slag – still on the phone by the way – so she would be disgusted. I don’t think she noticed. Odd whiff of piss has come to my attention and so I’m going to post.


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