Return Of The Ball Airer

27 Aug

He must work at a school as he is here this morning, legs agape and ready to go and I haven’t missed him at all. Standing at the platform edge right in the way and he is joined by – but isn’t actually standing with –  a woman and collectively they have forced me to stand behind the yellow line because they are stood in the way. Neither of them are in the right place for the doors but I’m not snuggling up to either of them for fear of catching fuckwittery from them and for Ball Airer at least it has certainly been thriving. Ok so the chunky woman has randomly just decided to move far down the platform for some unknown reason and I moved up to the platform edge. Train was three minutes late and ball airer decided to stand in the middle of the doors when they finally came to a stop to open and let people get off. What a wanker – he is most certainly picnic short of a picnic. Lights are on and nobody is home. Rather like the dopey bitch I just had to let out as she just stood up rather than asking me to move and thankfully because I can read the minds of the mentally unable, I knew what she wanted to do. Silly fucking whore. Needless to say I am ready to go home and lay down. I feel sick, I am aching all over especially my back, I have bites randomly now on my body, I am exhausted and I have to be on this train for work. London Bridge will be fun this morning as it is only Southeastern trains stopping there so I need to find my way out of the station to the buses as my usual route – which was meant to he temporary and has been the way out for well over a year now – is where the Southern trains go and it is all closed off. God I can’t cope with this. It’s all too much. Time to post now.


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