21 Aug


Woman outside of Cannon Street collecting for something or other but all I keep hearing is “children, children” so I am guessing it is for children but fuck knows which children. She has been in the very same spot before saying “come on guys” way too much – she should just stop shouting and hold the bucket out. It’s worse than when the waggle the jingling thing in your face as you go by and she is doing that as well as gobbing “children, children”. I’m not going close enough to try and read her tshirt. Oh just heard “reaching out to children” and we all know what happens to people who do that. It has been another long day and I can’t wait to get home. Fool in the picture above is using his hands free although you would never have guessed seeing as he is using his hands to hold the phone. He is using it like the morons who take it away from their ears to speak sometimes when they think it will make them heard better. Do they not know there is a microphone inside so they can just talk normally – even quietly in fact – and they will still be heard. I have just realised that we haven’t had the chuggers here for months now and I have only seen people with buckets collecting. As I came inside and drew level with her I heard her say that it was children with cancer but to be honest it is still quite vague isn’t it. It’s a no from me, I’m afraid. On the train now and after getting to the place way before everyone else, the man that appeared to my right out of nowhere then pushed to get on first and sat in my fucking seat. Well I say he sat in my seat but it fact his fucking rucksack is in my seat while he sits on the outside with his legs wide open to air his massive cock and balls while he reads the newspaper. I just know he will be getting off at London Bridge too because he just looks the type. I am so tired right now and I need to get home and lay down. I want food, bath and bed in that order. Long weekend can’t come soon enough even if I am going to the Queen’s house on Sunday and then to visit the new heir and his parents the Duke and Duchess of Northolt – very excited to be invited to visit the baby. A very royal weekend indeed. Time to post before I nod off. I need some music to ensure I concentrate for this journey.


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