Grubby Tubby

19 Aug

I am back on the new old phone again so spelling mistakes will happen such as stag instead of slag but just go with it for now. I am still learning. A very sighy woman next to me this morning who can’t actually speak so she didn’t bother to ask me to excuse her when she rose from her seat to get out at Woolwich Arsenal – chavvy slag. The title this morning is about a bloke who has been getting the train for a few weeks now and he has bigger tits than I do and looks just really grubby and vile. Imagine ball airer vile but worse. He is huge and thankfully I haven’t been close enough to get a whiff but safe to say he is going to honk. He gets the bus one stop and doesn’t even think about walking and will wait for the bus to come. I know I get the bus but only if it is there and I am at the stop and it isn’t rammed. He has a large suitcase with him this morning and I can only assume that he has a packed lunch in it, or maybe just a small snack for the journey. It isn’t a pretty sight to behold when his tits come bounding down the steps quickly followed by his huge bobbling belly. I really don’t like to see it. Oompa Lumpa and her mother are nearby but sat in silence this morning as Oompa is texting on her phone. Give me strength. Don’t get the train with your mother and then spend the journey ignoring her even if she is a fucking. Time to post now as I am penned in and I need some music to help me through the journey.


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