Gobby Carriage

19 Aug


I have only just sat my ass down and I already have a bloke gobbing on the phone in front and a parent and kid to my right. I don’t want this after the day I just had. Parent has a massive backpack and jesus creeper sandles and he is typing on his phone while the kid is just being ignored. Oh no wait – the kid is on his Nintendo so they are spending some real quality time together. The inane phone conversation has now given way to an inane live conversation as he sits with his mate talking absolute shit in an annoying accent. Fucking hell now there is another phone wanker sitting opposite the first one and he is talking shit as well. Excuse me while I get my music on… That’s better. Noise cancelling Sennheisers sure do trick to save me from insanity. Just managed to snap a picture of the jesus creeper man as well for you as he has to be seen to be believed. Train is a bit busy tonight and I don’t know why as there didn’t seem to be more people than usual waiting on the concourse. Man just got on with a massive foldup bike and has decided to park himself and said massive bike next to the connecting doors. Well done mate, well done. You won’t be in the way at all there. This carriage has too many men on it now – it is like sitting in a pub when football is on. Nobody is really watching and they are all talking absolute fucking shit which descends into bragging stories as the beer flows. This level off bullshit is akin to about 20 minutes in to a game. Time to post as I want to catch up on my correspondence with my many fans. Have a good evening, Obborati.


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