18 Aug


It rained a teeny tiny bit about half an hour ago. Above is an example of current weather conditions and as you can see, it is dry. No windscreen wipers were going, no spots of rain from the roof of the station but for some reason there are still people with their brollies up. One had come out of the station – just to clarify, that is indoors – and he came outside into the dry with the umbrella already up and carried on as if he was walking into a monsoon. It got better when after a few more umbrella-ed morons passed me, one passed with sunglasses on as well – make your mind up, fuckwit. It’s not sunny or raining so using sunglasses and a brolly doesn’t cancel the other out. On the currently on time 18.46 now and a pair of pricks have got on who work in sales – media sales judging by their casual attire – and they are sitting opposite each other but you would have thought they both have some sort of hearing problem as they are shouting and shouting louder than Amy Childs wannabe. Needless to say my headphones are already in and the music is up and loud to drown out the bullshit. Fuck me it is unnecessary. You are sitting opposite each other on public transport. Not at opposite ends of Wembley while Eminem is playing – saying that, you would probably hear each other better in that scenario than we heard Eminem. Monday is done though and this time next week we have a bank holiday to look forward to and the memory of that must then last us until the next one in December. Wow we pulled out on the stroke of 18.46 so I anticipate a delay of three or four minutes by the time we get to Plumstead. The sun is beaming now outside the station and it’s turned out nice again. Thank fuck it isn’t raining ad my choice of tshirt this morning was rather thin and already fairly see through. Time to post – I am done with this today.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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