Bus Wanker Monday

18 Aug

There was a delay with buses this morning but even so, people wanting to get to Plumstead station still just waiting with blind faith for the bus instead of walking. I walked and arrived with four minutes to spare. The 469 came trundling along and it was jam packed with the morons all waiting and seconds later a 96 came along and it was virtually empty. Getting that bus made all the difference didn’t it fuckwits. I am on the 7.41 now and pissing off the mincey city boy next to me and it is hilarious. In his navy blue suit with slicked back hair and he was sitting with his legs agape and his suit jacket all spread out. He has tucked it away slightly but I am still mostly in the aisle. He isn’t happy the poor little diddums. He keeps huffing and puffing and wriggling. If he sat in the seat properly then he would have room without needing to air his cock and balls in his cheap polyester suit. Reading the Metro and I may have a little more belief in his delusions of grandeur if he had the Financial Times instead but then there aren’t many pictures in there for him to look at. It does make me laugh when you get people like this on a train into London on my line and he has got on the train before I did meaning that he has got on at a much scabbier destination than I did yet he thinks he is better than everyone else. His nasty suit is now making me feel hot and I will no doubt end up with a rash. Fuck me he really does love himself. Buggy, bitten down fingernails I just caught a glimpse of and the facade is slowly falling away – he must work in recruitment. I would have sat opposite but the silly slag has her paper all laid out nicely in that seat, and the seat in front has a bag on it and I just can’t be arsed. This looked like the easiest option. Opposite in front of the paper worshiper is Oompa Lumpa and her mother engaged in inane conversation and making me want to die. I think suit wanker is now trying to nod off as the paper is a crumpled heap in his lap area – which is mine also – and his head is down. What a wanker, hey? Time to start fidgeting so I can get my music on to drown out Oompa Lumpa and her mother. Until this evening, Obborati.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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