Cath Kidston Overkill

11 Aug


I feel ill from seeing all these fucking dots. The pink one isn’t Cath but the other two are and it is just too much. Especially as she can’t be arsed to put any of them up onto the luggage rack. When I was travelling with a case and a bag along with my handbag back from Glasgow I put the case up into the luggage rack and it wasn’t a drama, and I did it on my own. There is no drama putting one of three pathetic spotty bags up there oh wait, of course – she is a fucking moron which means she can’t do it. Sorry, I forgot. The fucker below has just landed behind Cath Kidston VIB corner and she has no intention of moving her stupid carrier bags off the seat next to her. Jesus Christ when are people going to learn? I popped into Boots at Cannon Street just before I got to the station as I had done a delivery to store that needed collecting and the stupid bitch in front of me was on her phone the entire time the lady was serving her. As always, I caught the eye of the lady serving and made a comment and continued when the stupid slag had wandered off. She was ambling so badly while on the phone that it took her a good few minutes to get out the door. It is so fucking RUDE – that call wan wait while you are needing to interact with another human who is paid to help you so hang up and call back later as it will save time all round. People behind don’t need to wait three weeks for you to fuck about with your cards and try to remember your PIN while reeling off something important about the dog at home and you can get the early train. Finally on the move and it’s been a long day. I have had many pictures of the Northolt heir though which has brightened my day. Mother and baby doing well. Time to post as I’m being jabbed in the ribs by the bint to my right.


Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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