Post Office Dramas

7 Aug

Once again I am baffled by stupidity. A man grasping a letter and stomping past Cannon Street station and ranting about there being no post office nearby and where was the post office – Jesus mate, if you need one then you do your research. They aren’t on every street corner like they once used to be and that is because no fuckers do post anymore unless it is online shopping in which case that is couriers rather than a post office. What a tit? Just look online before you leave work because he won’t have come from anywhere else to get the thing posted. It is very warm this evening and I am somewhat merry from a beer at my desk at 5pm and I have now been reminded of the downside of beers at work and that is weeing on the train and now I need to go. I would have stuck around but I needed to get home for Ocado to deliver my quails eggs and beluga caviar. Saying that, I actually do have duck eggs coming which is posh. I’m so ready for Friday. It’s been a long week because it has been so quiet and I always forget that August is the time when people take leave and the city pretty much shuts down. I need to post because I’m glistening now and I still need a wee. Not even left Cannon Street yet and this is going to be a long train journey.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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