Everything Slow

5 Aug

Today has been long and it looked as though everyone today has been on a go slow meaning the walk to the station seemed to take an age. I am on the 18.21 – you know the one, full of wankers – and it is late but I’m not surprised, I should have already known before the email arrived at 18.15 to let me know but it was still a semi-pleasant surprise. Now made less pleasant as I am penned in by a suited man who thinks I should be at home getting dinner ready for my husband and children. You can tell the sort; they always look down their nose. Just sat here for a moment and wondered why I felt so hot even though there are air con blowers working and I looked up to see that they are pointing in the wrong direction as always. Why are people so fucking thick as to not know how to turn them off if they don’t want the cold air? For a lot of people it would mean the stench of their BO wouldn’t overpower the carriage. A couple got on at Greenwich and the pair of them were honking and it wasn’t even that hot yesterday. Fuck knows what they had been doing but I think donning of skin tight viscose wasn’t helping the whiff emanating from their scabby armpits. Jesus the 18.30 has just pulled out and it arrived before this train and we are still waiting. I would rather be on this train as it is going to Plumstead so I know I don’t need to fuck about with a bus to get home. I can’t actually hear the announcements though on board as the speaker is shit and is completely inaudible. On the move now and I dare say we will be stuck outside London Bridge for a good few minutes as we don’t have a slot to go in to. I’m going to post now as I need some music to take this pain away. Gagging to get home and eat. Oh, and lay down.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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