Random Train

1 Aug

I got to the station at the usual time – wearing my Glasgow 2014 tshirt – and the fast train came through. Then about a minute later, another fast train came through which was a posh train with tables that I saw as it sped through the station. Something is going down but will they tell us? Of course not. Oh, and another one just came through which everyone thought was the 7.41 but no – another train I presume is diverted which means that there will be major fuck ups caused by “congestion” – happy Friday from Southeastern. On board the now late 7.41 and ousted a scabby VIB so I could sit down. The dirty owner – labourer – is huffing and puffing as he was made to move and oh look, I go one stop and I now have a window seat as the man in front shifted himself to get off at Woolwich Arsenal. I am baffled at two extra trains down my line without any explanation – just say there are issues on other lines and this will cause delays. We have to wait for those stupid trains to go through the stations ahead of us but I do hope they fuck off over to Lewisham and Blackheath through the tunnel after Charlton. Just picked up the livestock at Charlton and I am overpowered now by Calvin Klein Poison which is unnecessary at this time of the morning. Thank fuck it is Friday though as I couldn’t do another three days of this shit this week. The CK moron has sunglasses on now like it is bright sunshine – it is as dull as fuck out there which is why I straightened my hair as I knew it wasn’t going to get humid and fuzzy. I really worry about most people because I don’t want to catch Fuckwit off them. Time to post and I’m out after work tonight for a leaving and birthday drink. I can’t be arsed to drink though so I will be fresh as a daisy tomorrow… well, that is the plan anyway.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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