Did It Happen?

31 Jul


Here I am, back at Plumstead station waiting for the 7.41 and this time on Tuesday I was up and ready to make my way into Glasgow to watch the gymnastics finals. It doesn’t feel like I have been away at all, and that pisses me right off. I have returned to an email to say the 7.51 has been cancelled but the app still says it’s running. The board at Plumstead matches the email however so I’m not sure what is going on – and neither do I care really as that isn’t my train. I have found a service worse than Southeastern however, and that is Scotrail. They do offer free wifi on some of their posher trains but that doesn’t make up for the continual lateness of their services which should have been far better considering it is hosting the Commonwealth Games. I don’t think one of the trains I got were on time. The train back yesterday with Virgin was also delayed by an hour because of a jumper on the line messing the whole of the West Coast Mainline up. Some rat faced newbie just tried to get on board before me. He was presented with the back of my head however when he thought he was going to be cool and jump right in. No dear, fucking wait your turn. So the games – it was amazing. I have had the best time over the last few days. It is now most odd seeing it on the news this morning, and knowing that I have walked on the other side of the Clyde, past the Armadillo and in line with the BBC Studio up there. That slag who gets off at Woolwich Dockyard is here this morning and still hasn’t learned as you can see from above. She doesn’t realise that people can get up and let her out, and so she thinks she must sit there with her mincey cup of coffee. Jesus Christ love, do me a favour. You can’t pull off that mincey cup of coffee look. It’s not good to be back to this shit at all but it is what it is. I haven’t missed it one iota. Loading up the fuckwits at Charlton and I need to escape with Commonwealth memories now – I will put The Proclaimers on my ipod. Sang that at Hampden Park on Sunday as I was on the TV. Well, you know me Obborati – I can’t help but be everywhere.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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