Can’t Get It Right

23 Jul

I was all geared up to get the 22.31 train from Dartford last night after the amazing evening of music – if you can get down there, then do because you won’t regret it – and after waiting ages they announced it was on platform one so I ambled across. I got to platform one where there was a train and the doors were open so I got on as I know a fair few trains so start at Dartford. Moments later a Benny tells me that the train isn’t in service. What the fuck? It’s empty and you have announced the platform. I was told that it would be on platform two instead and that wasn’t so bad as that was just on the same area and didn’t need any stairs to change. There were a number of Bennie on the platform and they all said it would be platform two so I waited. There was a train at 22.29 that arrived and then the audio announced that the train was going to all stations to Charing Cross including Plumstead but the visual announcement still said it wasn’t stopping at Plumstead. So after a moment of dithering I asked the Bennies and they assured me it wasn’t the right train. I don’t think they heard the audio as I said that was wrong and they said it was automated. Hilarity then ensued when they announced the train on platform one does not stop at this station when it had been there for the ten minutes that I had been stood there. Finally the right train arrives on platform two and the silly prick came out and said that the announcements are automated and they are a bit slow to which I couldn’t help myself but retort “like your fucking trains then mate” and I got on. Enough fuckery for the night time. They can’t even get it right when there are like ten people waiting for the train. What the fuck? There isn’t a lot to fuck up but they still manage it. All the bullshit about the announcements being automated but it’s so funny how they were right again after he went into their little room and selected the right things to play. What is even worse is that we had to ask them what the fuck was going on when they could have just made an announcement themselves and overrode the automation. All that from last night and I haven’t even begun on today. Not much to moan about – got the bus for the first time in living memory so I’m not all flustered from walking quickly to the station. Man who can’t find the road was coming along the pavement as always. Hope he dies. Then I get on the train and have to ask a chavvy Ladbrooks employee to move as his seventeen thousand massive bags were on the seat next to him. Blissfully he took my request as his cue to fuck off altogether and I don’t know where he went. Poor diddums was ousted and rightly so. Your fucking bags don’t need to sit down – it’s a seat and not a luggage rack. Fuckwittery. Time to post – bit tired and done with ranting now.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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