Air Con At Last

23 Jul


For the first time in a long time I am on a train that not only has the air con nobs but also has cold air coming out of them – result. The woman above got onto the train (short formed by the way, four coaches instead of six so we will be snug tonight) dumped her VIB and immediately called her friend to tell her and the whole carriage how she bought a bottle of wine to take to Steph’s house in Westcombe Park – that is only 20 minutes from Cannon Street don’t you know? – and then it just fell out of the bag and smashed over the the concourse and then it went all in her foot so you van see her nursing her foot with broken glass in it. She’s going to go back to Marks tomorrow to complain because it is obviously their fault. Jesus it’s like watching a dull episode of Hollyoaks without a topless Dodger and northerners. Really boring and she is still going on and on about it. I saw a Benny actually doing some work in the station today. He was turfing out a man who I assume had tried to go through the barrier behind someone who had a ticket as they sometimes do. The bloke was a bit drunk and chavvy looking and the Benny was giving it shit and as he turned to go back to his post I said it was wonderful to see them actually doing some work. As predicted we are pretty rammed now we are on the move and the glass shard footed slag’s VIB has been moved to let a human sit down. I have a woman that I know is getting off at Plumstead sitting next to me and I don’t mind that, only she does whiff of TCP a bit. Not like that girl who used to get the train – fuck knows where she went – but it is still interfering in my life a bit too much. Just collected the fuckwit livestock from London Bridge and as always I can smugly enjoy my seat because I plan ahead and get on at a station that is less busy and where the train starts. I’m not just a pretty face as well you know. Time to post. Too many fuckwits around now.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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