Stray Fart

22 Jul

Standing on the concourse waiting for the 18.30 to be announced and a waft came to rape my nostrils. The distinct smell of a nasty farther that everyone could smell but nobody wanted to even remotely acknowledge simply because if you did, everyone would think it was you. I stood and let my eyes bleed quietly as I waited for a few moments and then I was able to go and get on the train. Once again there is no air con working on the train and the inch open window is doing fuck all. Needless to say that a glistening upper lip is an understatement and even my eyelids are sweating. As I type I can feel a bead of sweat that has formed in my hairline and down my right temple which has now just reached the corner of my mouth. I am Dartford bound this evening and happily the train is fast from Abbey Wood. I imagine it will still take a good 20 minutes from there though which is a shame. No delays yet but as we know only too well, that means fuck all. We should be closing up and be getting ready to go soon… here we go. I needed this to go smoothly this evening. I’m finally getting excited about venturing to Glasgow at the weekend and after all the waiting it’s almost here and I realise that I need to start getting ready. I can’t be unorganised so I will probably write a list tomorrow to ensure I don’t forget anything. Oh Christ we left on time ish and now we are waiting to get into London Bridge and this doesn’t bode well. I’m going to post so I can concentrate on some music to help pass the time. Until the morning, Obborati.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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