Jabba The Hut Had A New Job

17 Jul

Well Jabba may have been a he but it is now a she and she drives trains for Southeastern. She was driving the 18.46 into platform four when I was just ambling along and she was massive. Not green, but wearing a high vis yellow vest and filled the cab with her bulk. It made Rotunda from this morning look like a size zero. It has been a good day. Busy at work which is always good, but then my insurance claim for the ipod was approved and they are sending me a cheque and so I am getting a new one ordered tomorrow. Good news, eh? Not so good is the fact I am melting and it is baking hot even at this dusky hour. The train left before I was ready as well and I thought we were leaving early. Roll on the weekend so I can lay down on Saturday at least. Sunday brings the Anniversary Games which I will of course be attending. Too hot to rant. Time to post.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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