Back Again

17 Jul

I wasn’t at work yesterday which is why you had no ranting from me. Today I am back and it is fucking sweltering and it isn’t even 8am yet – it’s going to be a horrible journey. Fat woman slumped down next to me on the inside seat and the window next to her is closed while the air con nobs are pointing into nothing and away from her vast surface area. I am ensuring that nothing of mine is touching her as she is going to be baking hot as she is wearing all dark colours and the only skin I can see is her face and hands – she has a cardigan on in this heat. It is apparently 21 degrees already. Today is going to be disgusting and tomorrow is meant to be even worse. I am expecting it to be at least 30 today. Carol Kirkwood is usually right except when she is wrong. Gobby tourists are making my journey hell as well today. They are all sitting next to each other – three of them – but one is insisting on shouting loudly in a really weird accent. It sounds like English sometimes and speaking like Mr Bean but then it is foreign. Fuck knows. Posh Pikey bounded down the steps as the train arrived and then tried to push in as always. I don’t know what it is about sunny days and his choice of clothing but he still looks like an extra from Club Tropicana and in my book that equates to looking ridiculous because we are in 2014 and not 1983. Just glanced over at sleeping Rotunda next to me and she has two massive bags on her lap. I can only assume that one contains her snacks for the day and the other her fold up mobility scooter to get around. It really is vile. The sweat is making her moustache glisten with sweat. All she needs to do is open the window… I don’t think my arms are long enough to circumnavigate her to get to the window to open it. I could be lost in a sea of flesh. Time to post and prey I don’t melt.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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