14 Jul


It was pretty easy to get to but fuck me if I am ever going to an event at Wembley again – it is ridiculous and I am pretty shocked at the lack of crowd control once we were handed over from Wembley people to TFL as it was non-existent. Concert wasn’t too bad but the sound system was terrible so you couldn’t hear a word he said. Writing to complain this morning and hoping I won’t be offered free tickets to Wembley again as that will be refused. Onto Monday morning and the same shit again today. Listening to some wankers music loudly as he has the rubbish apple headphones delicately placed hear his ear. I don’t want to hear something that sounds like a watch winding down slowly but loudly thanks mate. I had a busy weekend and I am feeling it today. Still pretty battered and bruised from getting home on Friday night – got through the door at just before 1.30am and we left Wembley just before eleven – and even though I slept on Saturday I was up and at it again yesterday and having to mix with scum on the bus. You know the sort of scum who allow their children to sit down when there are more adults on the bus who have all paid for the privilege but are all standing up. God forbid little Shaniqua and Leeroy should have to sit on a lap or even stand. Then of course is the ridiculous number if buggies – three that were in the wheelchair space and then another two that had been folded up. It really is just stupid especially when all those kids are screaming and whining loudly and I still have a headache from Friday night. Great – penned in now by a hefty man with a nasal whistle who is holding his iPhone up to watch a video. He keeps snuggling closer and I am not enjoying it at all. I may have to retrieve my ipod from my bag to put some Eminem on but as I dropped the ipod yesterday and the screen is now shattered I will have to be careful not to end up with a glass splinter. I can’t deal with the fucking noise next to me, he is clearly recovering from a brisk stroll in order not to miss his train. One stop on and there is still laboured breathing. Christ I’m going to post and ipod. I can’t deal with this on a Monday.


Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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