14 Jul


I don’t really know what to rant about this evening as it was pretty uneventful on the way to the station. Cyclists were stupid but none actually crossed my path for abuse. People ambled but were soon out of my way so I wasn’t held up for more than a few seconds. On the train – it’s on time – and there is at last something to report but it is a case of same shit, different day with the VIB wankers sitting opposite engrossed in their phones and not bothering to think that someone else wants to sit down. I don’t have the strength to rant this evening as the weekend of fun is catching me right up now and I am ready to lay down. It does piss me off though because it means people go for the nice empty seat next to me rather than asking those pricks to move their shit out of the way. I know that is why they do it but I cannot fathom being that selfish. It’s like the bus wankers with their kids. In fact 99% of humans who think of nobody else but themselves. Time to post and the train hasn’t even left yet. Until the morning.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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