Pony Tailed Prick

10 Jul


I got to the top of my road to join the High street for the long slog to the station by foot and be was quite far behind me then but all of a sudden he was right inside my arsehole with his nasty, greasy little pony tail swinging behind and soon he was past me. I don’t want slowly at all but this bloke must have had some sort of turbo assistance because he shouldn’t have passed me with the pace he was going. Maybe the boosters were located in the vile hair. Who knows? On the train now and Oompa Lumpa is nearby already brushing on her orange hue. Pissed off the woman who I chose to sit next to as she had to read the paper properly without it being all over the empty seat where I sat and now she has had to cram her ass into the one seat allocated for one human and all the while huffing and puffing. Well excuse me for wanting to get both my ass cheeks onto one seat when you think I should only sit with one on the seat and the other teetering over the aisle with no support. No wonder my back has been bad in my life having to sit next to wankers like this. She is still facing me in the seat with the paper but I’m not budging. Sit properly dear and you will find that you have a lot of room especially if you hold the paper properly. Fuck me she has no decided to rest her left arm on the seat in front while holding the paper across her. Are you visually impaired? The bike wanker was at the station again this morning and he lit up on the platform yet again. I don’t know why he bothers when there is only three minutes to wait for the train. He really is 100% scum. The woman next to me has reassessed her position and now the corner of the paper is draped into my lap as she reads the cartoons. It’s really worrying when that is someone’s priority on a train into work. I think it’s time to post now as I want to block out the paper rustling noise I am forced to listen to as she gets comfortable.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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