9 Jul

The train is packed and I have no idea why. Oh Jesus Amy Childs wannabe has made herself known to me before I clapped eyes on her disgusting face. As always shouting at the top of her voice and applying masses of slap to try and improve her pig ugly mush. I am fed up already today – had to move a hefty bitch with a million bags in order to sit down. I don’t know why they behave as though it is such a drama to move buy they ensure that it is with lots of huffing and puffing and she hadn’t even moved her massive bulk for me to get in until the doors had closed and we were moving. Fucking hell the choking toddler is off in force today and I did hear that she was known as smiler in her last job – give me strength. Smiling isn’t pretty on a mush like that and she smiles because she has no idea what is going on. Had a lovely run in with a fuckwit when I got off at Plumstead last night. I have finally worked out why it takes so long to get up the steps and out and that is because the majority of the morons all take that opportunity to do something on their phones so they are ambling while the rest of us have to stay at their pace. I was stuck right behind one who stopped dead at the top of the steps while I was right behind him and he was blocking me and the other people who wanted to get past. As you know u never hold back and so I hurled abuse and after a few seconds he looked up and asked if I was talking to him and he was told in no uncertain terms that I was. Hilarity ensued when I called me a bitch and I simply congratulated him on noticing along with my usual sprightly little hand flappy dance when they do that. It is wonderful to see fuckwits like that actually make a breakthrough and notice something further than their phone. When they actually notice me and know I’m a bitch it makes my heart burst with pride. Sadly the same isn’t said about that man who likes to cycle all the way onto the train and no doubt through the train as he came out of the shop right in front of me as I was walking this morning. As soon as he was out he was climbing onto his bike and I said loudly “oh look, it’s the man who can’t find the road” and he glanced over his shoulder and carried on to the station all the way along the pavement. He had a friend at the station too who also had his bike with him and they were both smoking on the platform. What a charming pair of fuckers they are? The train is rapidly filling up so I can only assume that the 7.30 never arrived or the fast train in between was cancelled. It’s never usually this rammed so early. I was lucky to shift the hefty bitch next to me in order to get a seat. I’m going to post now as she is edging towards me as there are people leaning on her in the aisle. Bet you wished you had sat on the inside now, dear.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



One Response to “Rammed”

  1. A fellow sufferer July 9, 2014 at 6:57 am #

    Keep up the good fight!

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