Spit Spot

8 Jul

A tiny bit of rain started to fall as I left work and as always the monsoon worriers are out in force with storm proof umbrellas and wet weather gear. The ground isn’t even wet so that will illustrate quite how dry it really is. More Tour wannabes are out in force this evening and I mean the fuckwits who choose to wear the full lycra gear. The lycra is meant to make you be able to go faster but they shit all over that with the giant Hump backpacks that they insist on wearing so why bother with the lycra at all? Do they do the Tour with the backpack on? Nope – they have an entourage of cars to carry all their shit and they don’t have to stop for anyone – not even to change a tyre as the cling on to the team car as it drives along and they are held up in order to change the whole wheel. That’s how you do it, not all this fucking about anywhere you like. On the train and it seems to be running fine again this evening. The 18.30 pulled out a few seconds before it was meant to and the 18.46 arrived within a minute or two which to me seems to be running well. Don’t worry though, I’m sure Southeastern will fuck it all up before the journey is over and we will pull into Plumstead late. Standard practice. It must be written into their customer charter. Gobby bitch sitting in front of me on he r phone with a pair of cheap sunglasses perched atop her head. Needless to say she isn’t scared if a bit of rain. She just hung up to one call and is now making another – give me strength. Just wait til you get home dear, because trust me we don’t want to know about your life. I’m going to post now as I can’t put up with it a moment longer. Need to brush up on my Eminem back catalogue to prepare for Friday – yes BdJ has the hottest tickets in town once again.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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