Side Boob

8 Jul


Princess Pole with her phone and handbag are on board today, oh and that vile little kid who doesn’t wear uniform also just ran to get on the train – first bit of exercise he has done all year. Photo of PP for you above so you can see how ridiculous she looks. She doesn’t even have the same bag every day, she changes it as if school is a catwalk show where she must impress. The title of the blog this morning is because of what I saw waddling down the steps this morning with minutes to spare. Must have been about 25 stone and so had dressed accordingly for the heat and had a vest on with rather large gaps under the arms. The only thing wrong with this picture is that the wearer didn’t have a bra on and then I suppose that is normal as HE isn’t meant to but when his tits are bigger than mine then it’s time to gather them in and stop flashing vile, disgusting, yellow side boobs to anyone who comes near. I wish I had had time to get a picture but then it wouldn’t have been of the side boob it would have just been of the immense bulk blocking out the sun. Roland kid is feeling awkward as he has sat opposite an over amorous couple and he has had to put his bag over his lap to hide his excitement. He can’t stop looking, it is hilarious. Meanwhile I am muttering that it is unnecessary and rolling my eyes. PP is on her phone – what a surprise? It must be so hard being an internationally renowned catwalk model at age 10 and having to juggle all the runway shows with school and choosing a handbag to take to school. Christ I wish she would get another train. She is just awful. Shut the fuck up you gobby little bitch – nobody wants to hear your over animated foreign conversation that you are ensuring we have no choice but to listen to. Fuck me she has got louder. The three people sitting in the same group of seats all look as though they want the train to lose its wall so they can happily fall to their death than be covered in spit from her shouts bullshit conversation. It is most definitely time for the ipod now. I hope she slips under a train before the day is out to save us all from this fucking shouting on the phone. You are 10 – behave like a kid.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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