Skateboarding Moron

7 Jul

Monday morning is well and truly here and I am surrounded by morons once again. Just had to tap the seat hogging moron on the shoulder in order to hear me as her to move out of the way and that was after seeing one of the most ridiculous sights I have seen in a while along the high street as I walked. He thought he was Michael J Fox in Back To The Future only he wasn’t wearing an adorable body warmer, checked shirt, jeans and hi tops… he was wearing a tweed suit and dodgy shoes that are meant to look smart. The skateboard was hilarious as well – one of those tiny ones that toddlers have, decorated in the colours of the Jamaican flag. He was carrying it at first and then when he came to a flat bit of pavement he tentatively got on and started to propel himself forward only to then reach the bus stop and get off. The bus queue was ridiculous and so he once again got back on and soon disappeared out of sight. I arrived at the station and thought nothing more of it until he arrived after I did by a good few minutes. What the fuck happened, Marty? I am thinking he may have teetered off as he wasn’t very steady on it but then I would have had to pass him if that had happened. Very weird indeed. Confirmation that I had moved the VIB Woolwich Dockyard bitch has been given as she just asked me to move to get off. She was overly apologetic where there was no need to be and I couldn’t be arsed to give her a gobful this morning as I already know I have the fuckwit from hell back at work today and I am not looking forward to that one bit. She should have got a gobful mind as I shouldn’t have to tap someone on the shoulder when their back is to me and she is hogging the seat. As if she hasn’t learned by now? Then again that moron at work shares this woman’s goldfish memory retention level and intelligence. Lord above – two dull bitches that I have never laid eyes on before have just got on at Charlton. I think it’s time to get the ipod out because that bullshit is going to tip me over the edge this morning.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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