Role Models

7 Jul


Well the Tour hitting Londres today has meant even more nasty little lycra clad fuckers getting in the way because that is the sort of sheep who frequent planet earth and they want to look like the professional cyclists who have the ability to ride where they want as they are riding on closed roads for an internationally renowned road race. It really is horrific. I don’t want to see tubby men in lycra because it is just vile. Just seen two of the morons riding along the pavement outside of Cannon Street because they think that is allowed. When will it end? I don’t know how much more I can take, I really don’t. I did tweet a picture earlier on of the stage winner – that crotch area should be hidden when standing on the podium with a bunch of flowers in one hand and a cuddly lion in the other. Nobody needs to see the crown jewels on such a global scale. I got battered by a wanker jogging along the pavement just near to Bank and he didn’t even pause after his sweaty nastiness clashed with my gorgeous hand. I shall now need to burn it to get the fuckwitness away from it. Woman who has just got on the train sounds as though she is a heavy breather. She must have rushed for the train not knowing that we still have ten minutes before it leaves and all I can hear is her raspy breathing and I just want to tell her to lose fifteen stone and it will all be ok. Christ it is ipod time as the cock above has just decided to flop his fat head into my face from the seat in front. More pictures to finish up with. First the sight that was looking at me this morning on the bus from London Bridge and of course he didn’t bother to shut his fat thighs so his vile crotch was on show. Perhaps that is what inspired the lycra clad stage winner today because it was pretty much the same. Last picture illustrates the fuckwittery of people moving the air conditioning away from them and onto nothing. If you don’t want it on you, twiddle the knob and it will turn off like magic. Once again I despair at the sheer moronic behaviour that I witness every single day. How do people live like this? I have one last picture and this bloke would get it. Sitting nicely, working with pen and paper and I don’t see a wedding ring. It’s time to buy those hats Obborati.




Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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