Friday Fuckups

4 Jul

It’s been quite a good week for the trains and so they saved their best for the last trip of the week. I get here for the 18.21 and we have delays due to a failed train at London Bridge causing some sort of fucking black hole in reality that delays trains. So now I am on the 18.21 which was announced on platform five then it disappeared and I waited a few minutes before going to investigate back on the concourse and then it is there again so I lose my space to get on the train. Just leaving now at 18.29 and the fucking 18.30 arrived before this train did – now tell me what is that all about? Fat wanker with a backpack stole my shady side of the train seat and is sitting on the outside as he drips into the gap between his legs and meanwhile I am on the opposite side of the train in a paisley and black puddle hoping I get to see home sometime today. I have a feeling London Bridge is going to be evil… let’s see what comes to pen me in this evening and I predict sweaty and vile. You couldn’t make this up – I have a bloke with a massive backpack next to me now. Did they miss the memo that Glastonbury was last weekend? I’m going to post as I am struggling to function now and all I have thought about today is going home and laying down. Fucking hell the backpack wanker is a phone shouter too. Give me strength. I need to get home asafp. Until Monday – if I survive that is.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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