False Economy

4 Jul

I was lucky as there was a bus coming just as I got to the middle bus stop so I waited for a few seconds and got on. What a fool I am. Everyone gets in and then just as the bus is about to pull away a strolling wanker on his hands free comes and then fumbles to get his pass out to pay – just hurry up you wanker, we don’t have all day. Then just as the doors are slapping his fat ass inside another woman comes along and the same thing happens. If you are going to get the bus or try to, have your hand on your Oyster so there is no fucking about and you are on, paid and we go go go. Christ I thought I was going to miss the train with all that bullshit. On the 7.41 and it is quite busy for a Friday. Gobby foreign kid is here on her phone as always. She can’t help but sneer at me and so she gets exactly the same back because she is a vile little shit. Fuck knows who she must have urgent phone conversations with at this time of the morning but it must be very important in her tweenage little life. Maybe it’s the overnight gossip from One Direction of whoever is hot in Poland right now. It is sickening that she is a mini grown up rather than a kid; mincing along with her iPhone and a fucking handbag in her school uniform. Flicking her hair over her shoulder in the style of one of the sluts of Babestation. That will not happen to my children and they will be able to be kids like I was when I was her age. Carol Kirkwood told me this morning that it is meant to rain later – what the fuck is that about? I had an odd burst of energy last night and changed the bed covers and flipped the mattress and put the bed covers into the wash… I was going to put them up tonight but I can’t now as it’s going to fucking rain. Penned in by a man with his legs agape. Must be so taxing on the sweaty balled ones in this weather as they must constantly be walking with their legs like that so they don’t have a ball stuck to each sweaty thigh. It doesn’t cross their mind to wear sensible pants does it. They are fuckwits so why am I not surprised? I think I’m going to post now as he has the Ready Brek glow that is fast embracing me so I want to put my arms down. Until this evening my lovely Obborati.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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