Selfridges VIB

3 Jul

Silly whore just sat down in front of me and she has perched her massive bag next to her. At first I thought it was an M&M World bag but no, she has bothered to go to Selfridges to buy white t-shirts – surely just go to Primark love? They really are all the same. She is inspecting each item lovingly and then folding it up and putting it away in her big yellow bag. She has finally settled now and the bag hasn’t moved. It ain’t that special love; still a paper bag with clothes that could be from anywhere except a lot cheaper. Must be so taxing mincing about shopping all day then jumping onto a commuter train to get home and tutting when one of us poor fuckers want to sit our tired asses down. Trains seem to be running ok tonight and that surprises me as we usually get the bullshit about hot rails when the temperature gets above freezing. The air con is on today thank fuck and so I have moved it from its usual position to point at me. Why do people always move them to point at the ceiling? They are there so you don’t get hot buy people prefer to move them away from blowing cold air on them – what is that all about? Oh the weary shopper is so tired she has now rested her greasy head against the glass. What a poor dear she is, hey? It’s time to post as we are about to leave. Silly cow opposite has the generic apple headphones and the shit music pumping out and I don’t have time for that invading my ears. Until the morning, my dears.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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