Oompa Lumpa

2 Jul

She and the mother are right in front of me. The orange one is on her phone via hands free which is in both ears but she isn’t using those hands to apply her layers of makeup – what is going on? She must be cold today as the window is closed next to us and that is making me sweat which isn’t helped by the huge man I stupidly perched next to as he is somewhat overheating. It isn’t even warm but it is the culmination of having to walk along the road – buses again are nowhere to be seen – and then hopping into an airless train and it’s nasty. I have already had to use my tissue to dabble away the moisture from my face which was in rivulets down my nose area. I really am in a vile position as I am jutting out due to the massive man to my right, and the Mail reader is sitting across the aisle from me but has her bag next to her on the floor so people are let able to pass through easily. Christ hefty has nodded off next to me now – if he so much as sways in my direction he will get a punch in the face. I don’t have the patience to deal with someone I don’t even know causing me to be any more hot than I have to be. Oompa Lumpa revaluation – does she like girls? Just saw a glimpse of the wallpaper on her iPhone and it was in faceless girl in a bikini showing off her toned tummy… oh here we go, the mass application of all things orange has begun while she discusses the phone conversation with the drippy mother. Oompa has such bad skin so she shouldn’t use all that shit on her face because it just makes it worse. I imagine that when the spots are squeezed that orange puss comes out rather than the usual colour and that is because of the amount of shit she layers onto her mush every single day. I think I am going to post now as the train is filling up and I will soon have an ass resting on my shoulder and that will be from both sides if the hefty man has his way. Until this evening my lovely Obborati.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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