Cannabis Express

1 Jul

Having just got on the 7.41 am was just getting settled when someone else got on behind me and is now sitting opposite me but insisting on having his legs shoved out into the aisle and his back to the man next to him and this man is honking of weed, and so much so that I am starting to want to giggle at him. Probably thinks he is being oh so subtle but it is like he sprayed himself with Eau de Skunk and it is overpowering. Oh thank fuck he has got off already at Woolwich – says it all really. I wasn’t a sweaty mess until I boarded this train and now my perfectly applied makeup is sitting on my boobs and my straight hair is starting to flick up at the ends. Why do I bother? Now the eternal fear of odd sweat patches appearing on my top that I haven’t worn before and is a light green colour so if it gets wet those bits will go dark green. Classy hey? The buses have been a write off again lately in the morning. At least fifteen people waiting at the top of my road and then the next stop along but the buses are already arriving completely rammed so nobody can get on – what is going on with that? We have the choice of a 96, 99, 469, 180, 177 and a 422 but they are all fucked. Six buses should surely not all be busy like that in the morning when it never uses to happen like that? The train is quite busy this morning too for some unknown reason. God I can’t wait for the school holidays – no more of that snooty little foreign bitch with her phone, that nasty little Roland kid or any of the other gobby little wankers we pick up along the way and also it means a marked decrease in the number of people on the train anyway as they take time off to “look after” the little shits. I’m going to post as we are about to pick up from Westcombe Park and they like to cram in and I need my ipod. Until this evening.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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