26 Jun


Thursday is here. I went to sleep early. I feel worse than I did this time yesterday. Oh joy. The fat ball airer has just inched closer to me and I’m just about ready to accidently push him onto the tracks. It got worse – Posh Pikey came up the rear and now there are two silly old bats gobbing away on the train. Good news is that the man who doesn’t annoy me – who has awkward small talk with PP – just got on behind me and made that stupid whore who always sits on the outside and gets off at Woolwich Dockyard to move so he could sit on the inside. The train is eerily quiet though and I can see 16 people only on this section and there are still empty blocks of seats which isn’t normal. What’s going on? Did I miss something that says Thursday is the new Saturday? I hope not. The sight below greeted me when I neared the palace yesterday evening – two chavvy scumbags wheeling around a suitcase and bellowing. She had something in her shoes so she chose to stop dead, drop down there and empty then out and then all the other shit from her life. Unsurprisingly it was still there this morning as you can see from the next picture. Just die, scumbags, nobody would miss you. I’m going to post as I want to listen to music. Too many morons on this quiet train so they stick out more. Jesus one just got on at Charlton shouting down his phone. Ipod is needed urgently.



Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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